The Ultimate Guide to Buying & Selling in Douglas County

Whether you’re looking for a place to raise a family, spend your golden years, or somewhere in between, you want a community that offers the best. Douglas County, Colorado is certainly one of the best options for anyone looking for a place with natural beauty, lots of activities, and access to bigger cities.

With more people looking at Douglas County as a place to call home, though, both buying and selling in this popular community can be overwhelming. We want you to be informed and prepared to start your buying or selling process with confidence and peace of mind, so we’ve put together this handy resource called “The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Selling in Douglas County.” Let’s dig into what’s going on in Douglas County and what that means for you.

Douglas County:
A Place for Healthy People

Douglas County is a beautiful community situated between the two largest cities in the state of Colorado—Denver and Colorado Springs. With its open landscape, suburban lifestyle, and prime location, it is a highly sought-after area for many to call home. Conveniently outside the hustle and bustle of Colorado’s metropolitan areas, this county is a central location with easy access to some of Colorado’s most scenic and popular attractions. However, it still maintains its neighborhood appeal for those looking to settle into a more relaxed, picturesque setting.

In 2019, Douglas County was ranked by U.S. News Healthiest Communities as the number one healthiest community in America—an impressive accolade and stamp of approval for anyone who already loves Colorado’s culture of healthy living. The organization ranking each city used a combination of factors, including community green spaces, quality of housing, as well as environmental hazards to determine the healthiest places to live in the U.S.

Current Real Estate Trends

The real estate interest in Douglas County is certainly on the rise, and both buyers and sellers are wanting to make the best of the current real estate market. However, after a year of unprecedented demand which resulted in a clear seller’s market in 2020, the Douglas County housing market has recently shifted to a buyer’s market.

What is the Market Like in Douglas County?

Home sales have recently slowed down a bit and more homes are available throughout Douglas County in 2021, with areas like Highlands Ranch and Castle Rock meeting or exceeding the demand of buyers in the area. In 2020, growing demand and a shortage of homes led to quickly rising home prices. Many houses sold for well above listing price during certain periods of the year. However, the market has now shifted and the supply of available homes is now greater than the current demand, though this trend could once again shift this summer during the more popular moving season.

While the shift to a buyer’s market indicates some advantages for buyers looking for a new home in Douglas County, make no mistake that this area maintains its appeal and competitive edge as one of the best Colorado communities to move to. 

2-year History of Douglas County
Home Prices

Here are some interesting Douglas County home price statistics from the past few years:

  • In January 2019, the median home list price was approximately $485,000, while the median sell price was $445,000.
  • Summer of 2020 was when the median Douglas County home sale prices peaked at over $609,000 at one point.
  • In January 2021, the median list price for a home in Douglas County stands at $536,600. The median sell price at $474,940.

With the average home sale prices leveling off from their peak last year, this is a great time to be a buyer looking for a home in Douglas County. There are many available home options, reasonable home prices, and less competition, so buyers can find a property that fits their needs and budget.

If you are looking to sell your property, this is still a good time to begin the process of listing your home on the market in Douglas County. Home sale prices have still increased significantly in the past few years, and with summer around the corner when most families plan their big moves, demand will rise in the coming months. Make sure you are ready for that uptick in demand and have a plan in place for the sale of your home.

Douglas County Schools

Parents of school-aged children have a wide range of school options to consider in Douglas County. There are public, private, and charter schools available, and you are sure to find an amazing education for your children somewhere in the area.

Public and Charter Schools in Douglas County

Serving over 60,000 students in the community, the Douglas County School District is home to 89 schools and boasts a 91.2% graduation rate as of 2020. In fact, DCSD is the 3rd largest school district in the state of Colorado.

Here are some quick numbers about what’s available in Douglas County:

  • 42 Preschools
  • 48 Elementary Schools
  • 9 Middle Schools
  • 9 High Schools
  • 18 Charter Schools
  • 5 Alternative Schools

Douglas County also has a number of private school options if you’re looking to educate your kids in that kind of environment. In addition, if you are looking for a more religious approach to learning or a smaller student-to-teacher ratio, there are over 38 private schools for your consideration.

Life in Douglas County

With just a 45-minute drive south to Colorado Springs or a one-hour drive north to Denver, living in Douglas County provides an easy commute for those working in the bigger metropolitan areas. There is also plenty of shopping and dining within the county, including the Park Meadows Mall area in Lone Tree.

While Douglas County has lots of hustle and bustle to offer, it’s still a suburban oasis surrounded by nature at every corner. In fact, over 63,000 acres of land are protected open space by the Douglas County Open Space Program, allowing for plenty of green space, hiking trails and parks for residents to enjoy. With so much beautiful open space to explore, it’s no wonder Douglas County is considered one of the healthiest communities in the country!

Top 10 Things to Do in Douglas County

There is so much to do within the Douglas County borders and just beyond. Douglas County’s centralized location makes it the perfect starting point for any day of fun. It won’t be difficult to plan a day trip into the city or to the Rocky Mountains with your family. Camping, hiking, rafting, history, and adventures await. Here are just a few of the local attractions and points of interest that are popular among Douglas County residents and visitors.

  1. San Isabel National Forest
  2. Castlewood Canyon, Roxborough, and Chatfield State Park
  3. The EDGE Ziplines & Adventures
  4. 17 Mile House Farm Park
  5. K1 Speed Indoor Go Karting
  6. South Suburban Parks and Recreation
  7. H2O’Brien Pool
  8. Colorado Renaissance Festival
  9. Devil’s Head Lookout
  10. Boondocks Food & Fun
Popular Areas of Douglas County

Douglas County is home to a number of villages, towns, and cities within the county borders. With just over 350,000 residents overall, the population of the cities, towns, and villages are smaller communities and relatively spread out. The highest population concentration is in Castle Rock which has over 62,000 residents.

Here is a list of the main cities and towns within Douglas County:

  • Highlands Ranch
  • Castle Rock
  • Parker
  • Larkspur
  • Lone Tree
  • Sedalia
  • Roxborough Park
  • Louviers
  • Meridian Village
  • Perry Park
  • The Pinery
  • Franktown
  • Stonegate
  • Heritage Hills
Dining & Entertainment throughout Douglas County

For a night of good food, drinks, or family fun, there are plenty of dining and entertainment options throughout Douglas County.

Some popular dining establishments in Douglas County:

While you may not find the crowded and busy nightlife of major neighboring cities, there are many fun local spots to enjoy on the weekends as well.

Popular nightlife entertainment in Douglas County:

Buying a Home
in Douglas County

Considering making the big move to Douglas County? Get started on your buying journey to one of the most beautiful and family-oriented counties in Colorado as current market conditions are still favoring buyers. That means it’s best to act fast and begin the house-hunting so that you can find the right place to fit your budget and preferences. Right now, there is an ample supply of Douglas County homes to choose from which will allow you more flexibility as you look for a home with the right price, location, and features.

Tips for Buying a Douglas County Property
  • Contact a Local Real Estate Company If you want the best insight into a community, choose a local firm like Newman Realty Group who has years of experience and an excellent reputation. A Douglas County real estate professional can help you find the best fit for your budget, needs, and preferences.
  • Research Neighborhoods and Prices — Prices can vary greatly depending on the village, town, or city you are considering. Do a broad search of the communities you are looking at to get a better feel for current home prices and what you can afford.
  • Narrow Down Your Top Location Choices — Decide on your favorite communities to help make your search more manageable. Don’t lock yourself into just one location. Understand what appeals to you and your preferences and make sure your search is focused on what you want.  
  • Get Your Finances in Order and Begin the Mortgage Process Early — Financing a home can be a stressful and tedious process. Begin the mortgage process as soon as possible so that the purchase of your home can go as smoothly and quickly as possible. Starting this process ahead of time will also leave less of a chance for unexpected surprises or obstacles.  
  • Set a Realistic Budget and Don’t Forget the Closing Costs — Consider your finances as well as your mortgage pre-approvals to set a realistic budget for your home purchase. Communicate this budget clearly with your real estate professional and make sure you calculate and set aside estimated closing costs in your budget.
  • Keep an Open Mind — It can be hard to relax when searching for the perfect fit for your next home. Intentionally take a moment to breathe and remember that having an open mind is important. Trust your real estate partner in their ability to help you find a property that works for you, and know that the best finds often come from the most unexpected places.

Selling Your Douglas County Home

While it may not be a seller’s market at this exact moment, the overall market conditions in Douglas County still make this a great time to sell your property at a good price. You don’t need to wait for the market to change to sell your home and get to your next dream home or location sooner than later.

It may take some extra time to sell your home at your ideal price in this market, but the sooner you list your home, the quicker prospective buyers can take your property into consideration. Approach the sale of your home with patience and understanding of the current overall market conditions so that you know what to expect and how to plan.

Tips for Selling Your Douglas County Property
  • Consult an Experienced and Professional Real Estate Company — The right real estate professional will make all the difference when it comes to your home sale experience. Newman Realty Group is highly experienced in selling homes for top dollar and would love to help you get the most out of your home sale.
  • Set Realistic Expectations in Terms of Price and Timeline — Selling a home can take time. Research the current market in your area and set a realistic timeline and price goal for your home sale. Some adjustments may be necessary along the way, but a knowledgeable real estate professional will make the process easier.
  • Prepare Your Home for Showings by Removing Clutter and Making Repairs — Begin to organize and clean your home for showings to prospective buyers. If your home is in need of repairs, make arrangements to get those done as soon as possible.
  • Let Your Connections Know You Are Selling Your Home — You never know who might be considering a move or knows someone interested in buying a home, especially in Douglas County. Oftentimes the quickest sales come from motivated buyers with a personal connection to the seller, so don’t forget to network!
  • Have a Plan in Place for When Your Home Sells — Don’t be caught off guard without a plan if your home sells faster than you anticipate. Make sure you have options for where to live in between houses, where to store your belongings, and how to get the house ready for the next owners.

Newman Realty Group is eager to help you navigate your real estate goals in Douglas County and the greater Denver Metro Area because this is the area that we ourselves call home. We know what an incredible place it is to live in, and we love helping others move into the area or move away with fond memories and a good selling experience. If you’re ready to buy or sell in Douglas County, contact us today or request a free home valuation. We look forward to serving you!

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