Bra + Bucks Drive


You are invited to make an impact with Newman Realty Group.

Beyond finding the perfect homes for clients and getting top dollar in a seamless sale of property, Newman Realty Group strives to make a bigger impact.  Our next service project is all about the basics we all need…food!

What if you could help re-supply some food banks around Denver? 

We all know the price for everything has gone up.  For families who were already strapped, this means having less to live on, and less to…eat.  Food banks are a place where people find hope and food to help them and their families get by.  The brokers at Newman Realty Group want to help, and you are invited to join in!

Food + Buck’s Drive

Newman Realty Group has partnered with three different food banks and networks in South Denver and Castle Rock. Each provides food and other services to those in need.  And they let us know what items are most needed. 


The most requested items are:

  • Peanut Butter (non-expired, unopened)
  • Canned soups, vegetables, and fruits (non-perishable, non-expired)
  • Item 3
  • CASH or gift cards to buy needed food


There are three options for you to participate, depending on how much you like to celebrate.

  1. LOT’S OF FUN: Drop off any of the above items at one of many locations around Denver and Castle Rock during their Driveway Drop-Off parties on Sep 30, Oct 1 or Oct 2! Join in the fun and grab prizes and enter the giveaways when you drop off your goods. There may even be some food involved for you to eat!
  2. DO A LITTLE DANCE: Come by a drop off-locations at your convenience. IF you want, do a little dance right by the drop off spot.
  3. HAVE A PRIVATE PARTY. If you are unable to drop off, let us know and we will come and do a porch pickup around the same time. You can celebrate your own way when its convenient for you.

Either way, we know that the clients and friends of Newman Realty Group will come through BIG!  And as a bonus, the Brokers at Newman Realty will throw in ten cents per item donated.  Maybe we can raise 5,000 items together?

Let us know you want to participate and we’ll send you the info on the Driveway Drop-off parties, the drop off points or coordinate picking them up!


Yes, we will make a difference by what we donate, but we hope our literal neighbors and friends join us at our block parties and we celebrate together! 


These food banks have serious missions we can stand behind.  They serve those in need year round, and our hope is they will be encouraged by what we give and how we spread the word about the good work they do!  Check out the food banks here (Link 1,2, 3)


For us at Newman Realty Group, an expression of our faith is to demonstrate what true generosity looks like. So we all intend to give and participate.  And we hope to make many new friends along the way.

So, we are thrilled to come alongside and promote these great organizations, celebrate with our neighbors, and be generous along the way.


Q. WHEN is the FOOD+BUCK’s drive?

A.  September 15-30 drop off at your convenience at our drop off locations OR we will pick them up at your house, if you are in the Denver area.  We hope to have all Food + Buck’s collected by October 1.

Q. Where are the drop off locations?

A. Because individual brokers at Newman Realty Group are setting up drop off locations at their homes, we prefer to email you those locations instead of posting them here for anyone to see.  So, simply fill out the form to tell us where you live or get emailed on where the drop off locations are.

Q. WHAT food or other donations are accepted?

A1. The most needed items ar canned food that is not opened and non-perishable.  Peanut butter, canned veggies, fruits, and soups are all welcome.  You can raid your own cabinet, a friends, or invite a neighbor or coworker to give.  We hope we can collect 5,000 canned goods in this short service project!

A2. Money is also accepted. This can be in the form of cash or Venmo to one of the brokers at NRG.  We will pool the monies together and give to the three participating food banks equally.  OR you can give directly to any of the food banks directly on their websites (see below). Oh, and did we mention that the brokers at Newman Realty will donate TEN CENTS per canned food we get donated? 

Q. HOW do these food banks use the donated food and buck’s (donated monies)?

A. NEED THIS STILL: After a women is rescued from human sex trafficking, Free The Girls steps in and trains them in life skills, which includes helping them set up second-hand marketplaces to sell bra’s.  Free The Girls supplies the initial inventory for the women so they can launch their marketplace and begin a new life.  Learn all about it on the Free The Girls website here. (


A. The week after the Driveway Drop-off parties (sometime between Oct 1-7), each participating broker will take their donated food to the food bank drop nearest them.

Q. WHO can participate? 

A. NEED THIS STILL: Anyone who is interested in actually doing something to make a positive change is invited to donate a bra or buck OR ask neighbors, friends, or co-workers to donate.  Even young kids can grasp the concept behind slavery and can help collect for others in need. We hope together to collect 400 bra’s and $1,000 bucks!

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